Javier Navarro, founding partner of Vinca Capital, analyzes at Plaza Financiera, presented by Luis A. Torralba

Javier Navarro, founding partner of Vinca Capital, and Alejandro Martínez, managing partner of EFE &amp ; ENE Multifamily Office, analyze in this new installment of Plaza Financiera, which presents Luis A. Torralba, everything that moves around the ‘corporate finance‘ or ‘corporate finance’, a financial segment that for some time now is moving -and a lot- not only in Spain but in the Valencian Community. Just take a look, to give an example of how the ceramic sector has changed to get an idea.

To talk aboutcorporate financeis to talk about the strategic decisions that are adopted around a company to make it grow through different ways such as the purchase/sale, financing of working capital, financial restructuring and/or the search for new partners, among other aspects.

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