We provide innovative solutions thanks to our experience and knowledge of the financial markets.

Our commitment and involvement with our clients is what differentiates us.

Vinca Capital
Vinca Capital

Mergers and Acquisitions.

Vinca Capital was founded in 2004 as a global firm covering the areas of Corporate Finance, Strategic Consultancy and Alternative Investments.

The team consists of professionals with extensive background in finance and vast experience in advising operations in every sector of the activity.

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Our Team – Vinca Capital


Our Team – Vinca Capital


What do we do?

Corporate Finance

Specialized advice on mergers and acquisitions. Purchase and sale of companies, search for the right partner, capital increases. Our clients are family-owned companies, multinationals, and Private Equity.

Alternative financing

Search and negotiation of alternative financing. Also, debt restructuring. We work with Direct Lending funds, financial institutions, and hybrid solutions.

Company valuation

Independent valuation of companies, assets, business units.

Strategic advisory services

Business consulting services from a financial perspective. Participation in Boards of Directors.

Real Estate

Transactions in the real estate sector: hotels, residences, buildings, industrial buildings, sale and lease-back.


Start Ups Advice in the organization and launching of funding round.

Our Analysis

Global investment banking services.

  • Corporate Finance

    Specialized advice on mergers and acquisitions, direct lending and search for strategic partners.

  • Strategic Consultancy

    Design and implementation of strategic investment decisions.

  • Alternative Investments

    Selection of products in Alternative Investments: real estate, project finance, start- up, alternative energy, art, country estates, etc.

Corporate Finance
Strategic Consultancy
Alternative Investments

The value of experience


More than 500 million euros in recent years in M&A, Real Estate and Direct Lending transactions.


Specialized in family business structure. In-depth knowledge of financial markets.


We do not depend on any financial group, so we have no conflicts of interest. It allows us to always be on the client's side.


Relationship with different stakeholders: Family Office, Venture Capital, industrial investors and financial investors.