The multinational Interpump buys 100% of the Valencian company Fluinox

Vinca Capital has acted as advisor to the seller.

Expansion. 01.02.2019. The transalpine multinational, which has more than a billion euros in business, integrates the Valencian firm with headquarters in Meliana and a plant in Foios where it manufactures equipment for the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The manufacturer of components and industrial equipment Fluinox has become one of those small and medium-sized Valencian companies capable of attracting the attention of its large international competitors. So much so that one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-pressure pumps and pistons for industrial processes, the Italian Interpump, will allocate more than 11 million euros to its acquisition.


The Italian group reached an agreement last December with Diego Gómez Caballero, founder and owner of the company, which has its headquarters in Meliana (Valencia) and a factory in the neighboring municipality of Foios.< /p>

Interpump, which is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and had a turnover of 1,086 million euros last year, explained in a statement that the agreed price is 9.49 million plus the value of the box, which must be equal to or greater than 1.66 million. That is, the total figure will be at least 11.15 million euros.

A valuation that means recognizing a high potential for the Valencian company, since according to the buyer’s own information, Fluinox planned to close 2018 with a turnover of 8.6 million and a gross operating profit of 1 .5 million.

Fluinox was created in 2003 to carry out from the design to the manufacture and installation of large production equipment for the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The company is specialized in processes involving the treatment and transformation of pastes and powders. For example, one of the equipment that has traditionally been manufactured is bread machines for the food industry. Although it started with this sector, due to its experience and its efforts in innovation -it is certified as an innovative SME- the Valencian company was able to make the leap to sectors with greater added value and that require special certifications such as the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. .

Interpump precisely highlights that its specialization in paste and powder makes it complementary to the range of products and services of the other company that the group owns in Spain, the Catalan company Inoxpa, which focuses on processes including fluids.

Fluinox has about 50 workers and in recent years had embarked on an internationalization process with the opening of commercial offices in Mexico and Chile.

After the agreement, the Valencian company will become part of Inoxpa itself, which the Italian group acquired in 2017 for 90 million euros. According to the Interpump statement, Diego Gómez will continue with “his collaboration with society.” Interpump has almost thirty subsidiaries and is directly present in 19 countries. In the last six years, the group has practically doubled its business and achieved a gross operating profit (ebitda) of 248 million.

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