With our experience and our services we can offer
the best solution to your financial needs.

The value of experience

Deep knowledge of all companies in the Valencian Community
More than 500 million advised during our 15 years of experience
Relationship with different agents: Family Office, venture capital funds, industrial investors and financial investors
Your approach to right financial solutions.

How can we help you?

Partner search and financing
Sale of a business unit
Capital structure design
Strategic alliances
Mergers and acquisitions
Financial planning

What type of transactions are we looking for?

Cash in vs Cash out
  • In the deals with cash in, the objective is to finance the growth of the company, diluting the participation of the current shareholders.
  • In the cash out deals, the owners sell their share in return for an economic compensation.
  • Majority vs minority
  • A great number of the deals are done transmitting a majority of the shares (over 50%). Traditionally, the new investor takes an 80% stake and the current owner-managers remain with the new investor with a stake close to 20%. After some time they disinvest together.
  • A deal in minority is less common. An “investment agreement” will reinforce the political rights of the new investor.
  • Industrial investor vs Financial investor
  • An industrial investors aims to have more market share, synergies and access to a specific know how. His intention is not to divest, therefore the investor values more the qualitative aspects of the business.
  • The financial investor will try to obtain a maximum profitability in a period of 5 to 7 years, during this time he will look for the growth of the EBITDA in an organic or inorganic way, as well as an expansion of multiples.
  • One-to-one vs competitive offers
  • The advantage of One-to-One is the possibility of doing the deal in a shorter time, maintaining the confidentiality during the process.
  • Competitive offers try to maximize the price of the deal, nevertheless it’s a more complex process.
  • Equity vs Direct Lending
  • With Equity the current shareholders are diluted in exchange for an investment that favors the company´s growth.
  • With Direct Lending we can obtain the required financing, avoiding the dilution of business participation without needing bank financing. It may be the right solution for certain deals.
  • In certain cases the appropriate structure will be to find the balance between Equity and Debt.
  • Work team

    Javier Navarro Casanova
    Founding Partner
    MBA from ESADE and CSS from Harvard University with emphasis on finance. During his professional career he has developed management tasks in industrial companies. Collaborator with GBS Finance in the areas of Wealth Management and Investment Banking. Advisor of Fundamental Approach Spain Investment Fund.
    Manuel Mestre Baviera
    Senior Advisor
    For ten years he has held managerial positions in Corporate Banking at Bankinter. He also has extensive experience in the financial sector as an asset manager and advisor at Credit Suisse. Currently he is founding partner of Bosques del Futuro, a renowned company in the alternative investment sector.
    Manuel MartÍnez CASTEBLANQUE
    Senior Advisor
    Expert in business development and B2B sales. Consultant, trainer and coach specialized in personal productivity and B2B sales. During his professional career he has participated in the creation and development of businesses, as well as managerial positions in service and retail companies. Collaborator in Cámara Valencia Business School. Executive MBA.
    Ivo Güell i Torné
    Associate Director in Barcelona
    Academic collaborator in ESADE’s Mentoring Program. Expert in effective communication, he is trainer and coach specialized in managerial and competencies skills.
    Carlos Navarro Enguídanos
    Associate Director in Alicante
    Degree in Business Administration from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in the high academic performance group. He has worked as a trainee in GBS Finance, in Global Omnium and as an analyst in the liquidity management area of large clients in Banco Santander in Frankfurt.
    Javier Navarro Enguídanos
    Degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Valencia in the group of high academic performance. He has worked as a financial consultant at GB Consultores where he participated in the design and implementation of the business plan of various Companies. He has also developed his professional activity at Impulse Asesores and at the wealth management firm Denarius Conseils & Gestion in Switzerland. He collaborates regularly in different publications with topics of economic and financial news.



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