Our values are based on the 5i:

  1. Integrity

    Our recommendations are based exclusively on the interests of clients, with total independence from third parties, with honesty and respect for the parties involved in a transaction.

  2. Initiative

    We are proactive both in the deal generation phase, identifying opportunities; and in the execution phase, maintaining trust between the parties, until the closing of the transaction.

  3. Intelligence

    We have a team with a deep knowledge of the financial markets; trained in the best business schools. To the technical capacity, we add the expertise and know-how of accumulated experience.

  1. Innovation

    We keep abreast of new financing and management models; we are in permanent contact with the main players in the market: private equity, family office and industrial investors. We use analysis tools that allow us to identify the main investors in a given vertical at a global level.

  2. Independence

    We do not depend on any financial group, so we have no conflict of interest and this allows us to be always on the client's side.

Our Commitment

How do we help?

Helping to understand market opportunities and design a value proposition
Identify the right industrial or financial partner. Mutual strategic fit
Maximizing the transaction price in the shareholder’s benefit
Maintain trust between the parties throughout the process.
Define the risk factors that may impact the price (locked box or completion account), the payment structure (earnout) and the purchaser’s representations and warranties

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